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Massage therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for many painful musculoskeletal injuries including back and neck pain. The kneading and pressure on the muscles of a deep tissue massage stimulate blood flow in the area of injury and assist the lymphatic system in the movement of fluid around the body. The stimulation of blood flow and increased lymphatic drainage can help speed up recovery and decrease inflammation associated with injury. And of course, massage may help you RELAX!

Chris Donofrio, LMT

Chris Donofrio, LMT of OnPoint Bodyworks is our in-house massage therapist. Chris studied and practiced massage therapy in California for several years before moving to Iowa with his family in 2019. Chris specializes in sports massage, neuromuscular therapy and medical massage. Chris’s tailored treatments are injury specific and include deep tissue massage, trigger point work, stretching, cupping, Hypervolt massage gun, la cross balls and more.

To Schedule with Chris, call Kautz Chiropractic at 289-3242 to gain freedom from pain, increased performance and increased recovery time.

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Chris Donofrio, LMT


30 min – $40
60 min – $75
90 min – $100

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Tue – Fri 9 AM – 6 PM
Sat 8 AM – Noon